Why is a teeth cleaning important for my overall health?

Bleeding Gums

A dental cleaning as an investment?

Yes, and yes again! Your overall health depends upon a healthy mouth. And, oh boy, what better investment is there than one that can increase your life expectancy?

Keeping your gums pink and healthy (with no bleeding—which is a sign of bacterial infection) is the key.

Questions and answers about dental cleanings:

Sedation Dentistry

Many of our patients report that our kind, caring and gentle dental care is enough to keep them coming back.  For those patients who might suffer from more advanced dental anxiety, or a fear of the dentist, we do offer sedation dentistry. Along with our calming approach to dental care, we offer Nitrous Oxide and oral sedation options to further help you relax.

Gum Disease
At the very heart of Dr. Dellinger and his caring team’s practice is a genuine concern for your health. They went into healthcare so that they could have a positive impact on other people’s lives.

If you have gingivitis, periodontal disease, bad breath, loose teeth or pain in your mouth, you need help. And Dr. Dellinger and his gentle staff is ready for you.



Do your gums bleed when you floss, when you use a toothpick or when you brush? Are your gums pink and pretty when you smile or are they purple, bloody, puffy and unsightly? Bleeding gums mean bacterial infection exists below your gums. And, Dr. D’s team needs to help you get rid of the bugs so you don’t risk losing your teeth.

Please come and visit us as soon as possible. Your dental cleaning may take a bit longer to get you back to healthy but once there we can work with you to stay healthy and avoid high future gum care costs.

Periodontal Disease

Bleeding gums lead to bone loss. And bone loss leads to tooth loss. Do you want to lose your teeth? Dr. D wants you to keep your teeth for a lifetime.

If you have gum disease and bone loss you need to see us now! We need to stop the infection so that you slow down that bone loss. Periodontal disease is just that—a disease! It never goes away, we have to help you get healthy and stay healthy.

Systemic Links

Heart disease, diabetes, cancer, pregnancy gingivitis, strokes, and heart attacks have all been linked to gum disease. This is serious. If you do not keep your mouth healthy with our help you can increase your risk for these disorders. Now you see why a healthy mouth can increase your life expectancy?

Tooth Brushes, Toothpastes and Mouthwashes.

Teeth Bleaching
Simply put, Dr D and his staff need to meet you. They need to complete a comprehensive gum exam, tooth exam and oral cancer examination. They need to listen to your concerns, ideas, wants and needs. Only then can they help customize the best plan and the best tools for your home care.

So come on in and let’s get started creating a healthier New You!